Sickle Cell Disease...The True Warriors !!!!

15th Mar, 2016



If you are reading this, it is safe to say you give a hoot about Sickle Cell Disease or maybe you are just curious. Either ways, you are welcome! You are currently online hence your ability to read this.

I make mention of your online status because I am not going to give you an estimate of Sickle Cell Anaemic people out there in the world nor a statistical analysis according to online researcher's database. Thank God for Google! Thank Google for Google!

June 19 is World Sickle Cell Day. It is just a day. Frankly, not enough to promote awareness on this life-draining disease called Sickle Cell.

The Sickle Cell Disease has no low risk or no risk cure yet. And as it is, most people, adults, if I should add, still make choices that increase the population of SCD individuals in this world. In this Nigeria, people skip precautions and call it 'love'.

A Sickle Cell carrier marrying another carrier results into having a Sickle Celled Disease Child!

I can't help but think of those in hospitals fighting for their lives at the very second you’re reading this. The struggle is real!


There are multiple complications with this blood disease. The baby with such low blood level, looking pale with his/her mother/parents on edge of seats doing all they can to keep him alive; crying, praying, cursing, and regretting.

Emotions are running wild! Then there's that pretty lady and the young man that probably had a date or some event noted down for June 19 and there, she/he is so sick! Left with no choice than to be admitted, who knows what now? Blood transfusion? Needle pricking galore for infusions, drugs and so on....

Life they say comes first, in as much as we have goals, visions, and dreams to fulfill and achieve, nothing can be done when a life is hanging in a balance.

I am sure you must know one or more 'Sicklers' or at least, you have heard of the ordeal they go through. Take some time to ponder and think of all this when you want to take a life partner because love doesn't cause pain. It shouldn’t and that is why we must make the right and rational choice. 

Spread the word about this and if you know one or more warrior(s) who are fighting with this blood disease, show some love either by words of encouragement or an outing with those who are fit to go out.


Take some time to that treats and hangout with those at the hospital. Pain relievers are not just in form of tablets or injections, take it from me and replace them with love, care and support. These are psyche boosters and spirit lifters. They do a lot more than those drugs. At least, they do not have negative side effect.

This message goes out to health workers, nurses and doctors alike. If you are a warrior or a loving supportive friend /family member to a warrior I applaud you! Till a CURE is fellow warriors, Keep fighting, Keep to all the 'dos's & don'ts' the doctors says, no matter how boring it gets! Keep your head up and smile regardless.

Pray a lot & forgive those very ignorant/shameless humans who undermine your struggle and pain. And be grateful to God for each breath.

Weldone and Cheers!!