The Pilot

Dr Alex

18th Feb, 2016



{Intro..} When I grow up... …When I grow up, I want to be like my aunt Zoe. She’s  a doctor and she’s super cool, I mean she has this awesome job where she gets to save lives. She’s sitting cross legged  in our lounge gisting us epic stories of her fun times touring the world and then her pager goes off… She has an emergency! Next thing we know we hear the distant sounds of sirens wailing. She’s treated with the utmost respect, everybody calls her “Chief ” or “Doctor Zee”! The ambulance takes her away, and I cant help thinking there goes my super hero going to give some dude another chance at life!!! … When I grow up, I want to be like my aunt Zoe. Her job as a doctor gives her soo much Prestige! She has an official luxury car and an ultramodern house with man made waterfalls. Her guards… ALRIGHT CUT!!!   Director: Hey, Its kinds obvious you don’t believe your lines, but could you sound a little  less mechanical? I mean a bit of enthusiasm is not too much to ask for! Movie bum: Look, nobody is going to buy these crappy lines. I mean every body knows that doctors are like… overworked and underpaid…. They are egotistical with a huge chip on… Me: Alright cut the crap! I’m a doctor and I’m proud! I mean I may get little or no sleep, may work 48-72hr shifts, may face patients constantly on my case, may deal with crying babies and agitated mothers, may meet relatives that think you’re either God or the angel of death with a say on who lives or dies,  may roll my eyes at  Haughty patients looking down their fat noses expecting you to attend to their every whims, (*voice raised now*) may get pay that’s  abysmally disproportional to the outrageous work load, may tune out rude consultants with ridiculous expectations, may get used to attitude pouring out of clinical and non clinical staff, but hey(*calm again*)… I’m a Doctor. Petite perhaps, unorthodox definitely, weird maybe, but a great doctor all the same. {Rant over} … this is me Zoe saying I’m proud to be Doctor. Soo… Who else is proud to be a doctor, or proud of doctors??? Tell me all about it….   Follow us on Twitter: @hidoctorng   Instagram: hidoctorng. Facebook page: hidoctorng BBM Channel: C0021B035 / Hidoctor is Nigeria's leading online medical consultation and information platform, offering free, private and confidential medical consultations in real time. Go through our pregnancy corner, disease index and emergency corner to improve your knowledge. Know your BMI and menstrual cycle through our free calculators. Explore the world of e-Health today !!! Image credit:Internet