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i. Live chat - Quick replies from experienced Family Physicians/General Practitioners on general health issues.These issues can range from minor ailments to second opinions to counseling, our doctors are adept at these, and are well aware of need for referral in some situations. Click here to start your consult.

ii. Consult a Specialist – Quick replies from Specialist Doctors from different part of the country. In case you’re not sure of which Specialist you are supposed to see, our General Practitioner are always here to help out, and schedule an online appointment with the Specialist. A video or data call is more advisable here. Click here to start your consult.

iii. Ovulatory Calculator-Track the cycle [TTC] – Here we let you cast the troubles of your ovulation and menstrual flow on us, as we’re well aware of your busy schedule. You get automated notifications ahead of ovulation and menstrual flow date, this goes a long way in helping women plan to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, and of course avoid being caught unawares by the monthly visitor [menstrual flow].

iv. HiDoctor Blog – authored by a dynamic team of health workers, it is the section where you get information pertaining to your health.

v. HiDoctor Forum – a chat room where you get to meet and discuss with other health information seekers like you, such that you can ask simple questions from the general public, and equally get answers from them. Topics ranging from “how to grow long hair” to “what condom gives the best protection” are being discussed here, click here to get into the HiDoctor Forum.

vi. Pregnancy Care - Get guidance through your pregnancy, know the danger signs of each stage of pregnancy, the dos and don’ts of pregnancy per week, the drugs to use and the drugs to avoid at various stages, and most importantly, we give you a mental picture of what your baby looks like on a weekly basis. All you need do is subscribe once and you get tips from us throughout the pregnancy till delivery. Click here to subscribe.

vii. Symptom checker – where you can play the doctor with the aid of the computer, it’s educative and fun at the same time. Try it out here

A live chat is a service that allows you to have a one-on-one conversation online with one of our board certified Doctors. The one-on-one conversation takes place in real time and can be in through a video call, a data voice call, or a text chat.

Accessing a Doctor has never been this easy. Follow this simple steps.

Sign up: takes less than 7 seconds.

Activate Account: A verification mail would be sent to the email address provided. Please check your spam folder if not found in your inbox. Click the link within the mail and complete the verification process. This would take about 12 seconds.

Enter chat: click on “Chat ”, "Get started"or "Connect now" as seen on the homepage of the website and menu

Chat Category: Select the type of Doctor you would like to see based on your major complaint/illness/problem. Then select your preferred option of communication between a video call or data voice call or text chat.

Payment: Purchase a session within your preferred communication channel. This is a secure payment gateway.

You would be directed to the consultation room thereafter.

You would be linked with your Doctor in less than 10 seconds.

Board certified Medical Doctors ranging from General practitioners to Specialists who have been adequately trained and thoroughly screened to conform to our Telemedicine consultation ethics. To know more about our doctors, Check out the HiDoctor Team

  • The consultations comprise of:
  • Personalized answers, opinions, suggestions, advice, latest medical information by GPs and specialist MDs on all health issues i.e. disease diagnosis, disease condition, treatment, surgery and prescription.
  • Opinions on your symptoms, laboratory tests, MRI/CT/USG Scans and other investigations.
  • Best course of action, helping you understand your medical condition, OTC medications which could be of help etc.

  •  For text chat, the session lasts for 25 minutes
  •  For data voice call, the session lasts for 20 minutes
  •  For video call, the session lasts for 20 minutes

No. The information is secure and not shared with anyone. We follow industry standard security practices and absolutely none of your personal information (email, personally identifiable information, uploads) is shared with anyone. We also encourage you not to share any personally identifiable information in your consults.

Please review our privacy statement for more information.

Though a virtual clinic, but with the intent of being a patient-centered health care outfit, HiDoctor has made efforts to collaborate with other reputable and top-notch healthcare providers such as pharmacies and diagnostic centers so as to offer you an amazing and satisfying experience.

To answer your queries, the Medical Expert is solely dependent on the information provided by you.

While HiDoctor is an honest attempt to provide access to the best possible medical information to the

patient, the Medical Experts will not be examining you physically and thus may not have the benefit of

information that would be obtained by examining you in person, observing your physical condition and

by going through your complete medical records. Consultations on HiDoctor are not a substitute to

physical consultation with a doctor or to hospital services.

To reduce the risk of this limitation, HiDoctor strongly recommends you to be in touch with an on-

ground physician and share the HiDoctor opinion with him/her.


We however advise that you equip yourself with health tips and information present all over this

platform, so that on the day of emergency, you already know what to do before reaching the nearest

health facility.

We recommend starting with issue bothering you and how it is affecting you. To answer your questions

following information would help the Doctors:

i. What is your problem?

ii. Description of symptoms and time when you last felt well.

iii. How did you notice the problem? Did the problem manifested gradually or suddenly? Has it gotten

better or worse? Does anything make it better or worse?

iv. Your medical history or family history with respect to the problem

v. Present medication, if any.

vi. Pictures of affected area, investigations or reports, if applicable.

vii. Recommendations by treating physician i.e. treatment plan or suggestions by any physician you

might have consulted before.

You can contact us at or 0800HIDOCTOR