About Us

About Us

Accessing quality healthcare in a country like Nigeria could be a worrisome experience. Medical Doctors make up less than 0.1% of a population which is estimated to be over 150 million people. It is obvious that the doctor-patient ratio is nothing to boast about. This amongst other challenges such as cost of accessing healthcare, bureaucracy in hospitals, wrong cultural beliefs, misinformation by quacks and tradomedicals, etc. all essentially contribute to the declining health status in the country. With the advent in telecoms and increase in number of people having access to the internet and related services, the vision to augment the healthcare service delivery through the use of a platform such as this was conceived.

HiDoctor was born out of the necessity to bridge the gap in these lapses faced in the healthcare system through easily accessible, acceptable and affordable channels of communication.

HiDoctor is a continuum of young, savvy, resourceful and artistic Medical Doctors in conjunction with other medical personnel with a collective exasperating interest in improving the healthcare service.

At HiDoctor, we believe that we can augment primary healthcare services by making ourselves available in educating, counselling and referral services. In the topic of education, HiDoctor offers information pertaining to healthy living promotion, wrong health practices and its correction, health news, etc. in a frequently updated blog. These information which answers questions bothering the medical illiterate are presented in easy to understand terms.

Knowledge is power, power conveys the ability to carry out change. Through our frequently updated blog and counselling services, we believe that with provision of the right information, we can equip the general populace with the right knowledge to fight ill health practices and promote healthy living. We also have confidence, that through our online consultation and counselling service we can help meet the needs of people seeking knowledge and intervention from a doctor without visiting a hospital.